Welcome to BrewHQ
I was in Christchurch in September 2019 to see my sister and wanted to buy some cider yeast. BrewHQ in Bishopdale was recommended so I popped in and long story short ended up buying the store.

My brother in-law, Jamie Farrell and I took over the store in February 2020 and between our families we have an interest in wine making, cider making and brewing. On a day to day basis Jamie will be in the store and he’s getting to know all of our customers and their interests. Jamie lived overseas until recently and generally had a brew on the go while he was based in Indonesia, New Guinea or South America .

We have been really lucky that Emma Lynn has stayed on in the shop three days a week and Nick Lynn helps out on Saturdays when he is able too. Nick and Emma are well known to our existing customers having owned the store for three years and have done a huge job of growing the business and it’s range of products .

I tend to be more in the back office making sure bills are paid and that we have stocked all of the products you want. My background has been large scale agribusiness in China, South America and Tasmania and I’ve developed a real interest in wine and cider making .

We want BrewHQ to be your one stop shop for all your product needs for beer, wine, cider and spirits and hopefully we can provide advice as well. We want products to be available at a realistic price, when you need them.

If we haven’t got something in stock that you want please let us know.

Nicola Morris